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  • infant of prague

    In the window next to the Crucifixion Altar stands a replica of the image of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague, acquired during the pastorate of Msgr. Grundy O’Donohoe (1940-1956). The original statue is of Spanish workmanship, nineteen inches in height and made of wood, wax and cloth. In 1628, it was given to the Discalced Carmelite friars in Prague by Princess Polyxenia Lobkowicz, who had received it as a wedding gift from her mother.  circlerightarrow

  • stations of the cross

    THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS which grace the walls of the cathedral were installed in St. Patrick’s in 1928 during the pastorate of Msgr. Robert Nolan (1907-1939). Carved in Gothic Revival design, they were executed by Hans Schmalzi, a descendent of a long line of noted wood carvers in Ortisei, Italy. In style, they matched the wooden Gothic side altars that were in the church until 1947.   circlerightarrow

  • Icon of the blessed mother

    In 1947 Msgr. Grundy O’Donohoe enshrined over the Marian Altar (to the left of the Bishop’s chair) an icon of the Blessed Mother. It was brought to this country from Russia in 1917 and is a replica of an ancient and miraculous icon of the Virgin venerated in the Blanchernae palace of the Byzantine Emperors at Constantinople in the fifth century. This type of icon is of a very old tradition of worship in Russia. The workmanship and materials used, as well as the ornamentation and background superimposed on the image, are characteristic of the icons of Russia in the last decades of the Tsarist regime.   circlerightarrow