RCIA for Children

Entering into Relationship with God and His Church

In reality, there is no difference between RCIA and RCIA for children and youth.  However, how we approach and see our relationship with God in His Church is different for a 7 year old than an adult.  Therefore, we work towards helping our children grow and develop their relationship with God, and help them see how that is made present in church and in our every day life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  


The real question at this level is, for you parents, are you yourself an active disciple of Jesus Christ, and a willing participant in the Sacraments?  If you are unsure, that is ok!  We can take some time to talk about where you are at and where you want you and your children to be, and as wise priest once said, "We have the technology to fix this!"  

So if your child/children have not been baptized yet, and are of the age of reason (7), please contact Maria for more information: mrosales@stpatrickcathedral.org.