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FOR FAMILIES OF YOUNG CHILDREN (K-5), due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are going to start the school year with an online approach, with the hope of in-person meetings as time progresses. This will be for both catechists and parents.  As I've even observed with my own children and their zoom classes and with the mess that September will likely be for so many, we have decided here at St. Patrick's that it will be best to communicate with the parents and to help guide them through the Formation activities for their own families. This provides the greatest flexibility, especially with so much uncertainty surrounding everything right now.    


We are starting with the Family Formation materials out of the Church of St. Paul in Ham, Minnesota (  It has been utilized across the country successfully for about 30 years, and provides a specific resource to us on a monthly basis. It’s a cyclical curriculum that covers a broad range of sessions and topics over a 3-year period, tying into the Liturgical cycle, though not tied to specific Sunday readings of the particular day.  We’ll provide the home lessons via digital means to begin with (pdfs and links), and adjust as we go forward.  The “classroom lessons” will be communicated via our parent Zoom meetings. 


Additionally, we will almost exclusively be utilizing Flocknote for the communication and content delivery, as it seems to be the most reliable means we have available to us.

PLEASE NOTE: Sacramental Preparation (1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion) are separate from regular Family Formation; however, in order to be in Sacramental Preparation, families will need to be registered in Family Formation. Please note as well, there is no such thing as a “two-year program” or anything of that nature. As children are at the age and show readiness, as well as families show a commitment to help walk and guide their children in the faith, that will determine Sacramental readiness. More information will come in September for the time frame on this. 


Cost per family is: $85.  This can be paid at once or broken up over time.






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Family Formation Sessions

Sessions will be posted here after they happen.  Materials for Home Study will be sent via FlockNote before the meeting, and/or provided during the meeting.    Families must be signed up  and registered in Family Formation (see section above) to have access to the monthly resources, as well as subscribed to the Family Formation Flocknote Group to receive the monthly information.  

  • January Session (Jan 6 2021)

    Main Theme: Are You Listening?

    The quiet of January is often a notable contrast to all the busy-ness of the Christmas season and we encourage your family to take advantage of it! This month, we’re making a particular effort to listen for the voice of the Lord and listening requires quiet and attention. Fortunately, this is also a great time of year to cozy up to a story (hello, Bible!).

    You might want to start by reading some of the great Scripture references in the Authority and Obedience lesson, but then continue the habit through the month as your family developes the habit of reading God’s Word and listening for His voice.

    Home Lesson Topics: 

      • Authority and Obedience
      • The Call of Samuel
      • God's Call to Us
  • December Session (Dec 3 2020)

    Main Theme: Water and Fire (Baptism and Confirmation)

    The people of Israel waited many generations for the coming of the promised Messiah and this is the time of year when we reinact that waiting, in a sense, through our celebration of Advent. The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that Advent is “devoted to preparation” and we challenge your family to set aside celebrating for a bit as you experience the joy of preparing your hearts and your home for the upcoming celebration.

    Home Lesson Topics: 

      • Isaiah the Prophet
      • Christmas Activities
      • The Holy Family and Epiphany
  • November Session (Oct 29 2020)

    Main Theme: I Believe

    November’s lessons continue to help us consider how can we can thrive as in our faith life no matter what is happening in the world around us. Whether you can go to church or not, the Celebrating the Real Presence and Advent Activities lessons are both filled with ideas to strengthen your church-at-home experience. And while the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy lessons give all the basics of these important teachings, we hope you will go deeper and talk about what they mean here and now. Jesus has allowed these unique set of circumstances, so what will you do with them? It is our prayer that when your grandkids hear stories about this year they will be filled with memories of how your family overcame obstacles, grew stronger as a family, and grew closer to Jesus together!

    Home Lesson Topics

    • Celebrating the Real Presence
    • The Spiritual Works of Mercy
    • The Corporal Works of Mercy
    • Advent Activities
    Additionally, parents are asked to go over the diocesan Empowering God's Children Lessons.  
  • October Session (Oct 5 2020)

    Main Theme for October: Where Heaven and Earth Meet

    From Family Formation: This month’s lessons are all about the Mass, and while it may seem that the pandemic has changed everything, we want to point out that in reality the essentials are constant. One of the best things about the Catholic Church is her ability to endure literally anything, which should not come as a surprise since Jesus promised He would be with us always (See Mathew 28:20.), and that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. (See Matthew 16:17-19.)  Even though the past several months have taken us by surprise, Jesus has always known, and when He set up the Church to be for everyone in all places and at all times, He even had the 2020 pandemic in mind! Alleluia!

    Classroom Lesson to Go: Where Heaven Meets Earth: An Overview of the Mass (Adapted for Home Use)

    Home Lesson Topics:

    • Liturgy of the Word (Oct 11 - 17)
    • Liturgy of the Eucharist (Oct 18 - 24)
    • Vessels and Vestments: Things that are used at Mass (Oct 25-31)
    • Celebrating All Saints! (November 1) 

    * Must be signed up to Family Formation to have access to the monthly resources, which are sent via Flocknote to the registered families. 

  • September Session

    Mike's Short Intro:

    Key themes for September: 

    • Create the Space for God, both at home with making a sacred space for prayer and reminding us of God with us, and also, create the space in our hearts by actually praying.  
    • For Sundays, go to Mass if healthy and able, but if you cannot, make that space on Sunday to give God priority, by watching and praying Mass together as a family.  

    Home Lesson Topic: Angels

    Family Prayer Book: Family_Prayer_Book.pdf

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