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All meetings, events, and fundraisers are currently being managed as the current environment allows.  Please watch this space, the bulletin, Facebook, Flocknote for up to date information.  Be sure to Join/Renew your membership (online registration available below) to ensure you are receiving Flocknotes.  We ask members to pray for each other and our parish.  Be safe and God Bless.

The purpose of the St. Patrick Altar Society is to take care of all sanctuary supplies of Saint Patrick Cathedral; to fulfill the needs for Pontifical ceremonies; and to attend to other matters relating to divine worship as requested by the Rector. The members are encouraged to become involved in at least one activity of church work as suggested by the Rector.

For information about joining the Altar Society, please email us at:



President - Gil Ryman

Vice President - Lynn O'Meara

Secretary - Cathy Langston

Treasurer - Eileen Nelson

Chairwoman of the Board - Carole Vernon


Altar Service/St. Francis - Marta Reasoner

Bereavement/St. Joseph - Della Weis & Beverly Marquez-Gonzalez

Receptions/St. Patrick - Marilyn Perry

Outreach/St. Teresa of Calcutta - Melissa Reinert & Louise Ramirez

Special Projects/St. Catherine - Beverly Marquez-Gonzalez


Director of Fundraising  - Rose Alvarez

Director of Membership - Mary Reavis



Circles have been established to increase membership, promote member participation and to invite all members the opportunity to use their special talents and time to Saint Patrick Cathedral through the Altar Society

Altar Society Circles


Altar Service – St. Francis Circle 

  • Cleaning and preparing the altar and cathedral for Sunday Mass
  • Decorate the cathedral for Christmas and Easter
  • Assist with Holy Week, Mass of Corpus Christi, and any other events relating to divine worship as requested by the rector or bishop


Bereavement – St. Joseph


Host reception and/or provide support for family members following a parishioner’s death

Receptions – St. Patrick Circle

  •  Plan and host receptions as requested by the Rector or Bishop
  • Help plan and host parties/events with other parish organizations
  • Assist Circles with set up and clean up at monthly general meetings
  • Notify church office of any special set up needs for general meetings

 Outreach Ministry – St. Teresa of Calcutta

  •  Plan collections for the parish to help those in need in our diocese, such as a food drive, school supplies, etc., as determined by the Circle members and approved by the Rector

 Special Projects – St. Catherine

  • Send birthday, sympathy, get-well, etc. cards to members
  • Secure location for the annual May Luncheon; provide table centerpieces and member appreciation gifts
  • Provide door prize for each General Meeting

Altar Society Prayer

We thank the Lord for this opportunity to be here, working together toward the common goal of enriching our parish. Guide us, Lord, so that we may be united in the spirit of mutual respect and exchange of ideas and goals. Help us to work together to be successful in our obligations to our parish. As always, we seek your guidance and inspiration in all our thoughts and decisions.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

Upcoming Events

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