The Guardian Ministry has been established at St. Patrick Cathedral to address a wide range of emergency situations including Weather, Fire and Health/First Aid incidents as well as Active Threats. The Guardian Ministry has been endorsed by Bishop Olsen and is being implemented in all parishes across the Diocese of Fort Worth. 

Volunteer Roles

St. Patrick Cathedral’s is now recruiting volunteers for a variety of roles.

  • Medical Volunteers

    Medical volunteers are licensed medical practitioners and non-licensed volunteers who provide first aid to parishioners and support a range of health emergencies occurring during church services.

  • sentinels

    Sentinels are unarmed volunteers who provide overwatch support to the team and are trained to handle front line interdiction and de-escalation of incidents along with the Usher team.

  • Armed Guardians

    Armed Guardians are qualified team members who have a valid LTC permit and complete a rigorous tactical training program. Armed Guardians are undercover and act in a role similar to Air Marshals on commercial airline flights.

  • team leaders

    Team Leaders provide on-site coordination for Guardian teams at assigned church services and events. The Team Leader role facilitates communication, collaboration and coordination of the Guardian team and assigned Law Enforcement officers.

Introduction to the guardian ministry

The following video provides a brief overview of the Guardian Ministry including its mission as well as the various volunteer roles. If you're interested in joining the team please reach out to the team by sending us an e-mail with your name and contact information.  

Thank you for your interest!


Resources and forms

Secure access to additional Guardian Ministry resources and applications forms can be accessed here.  

If you do not have access credentials, please email the ministry team.