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  • Flowers and decorations should not be delivered more than 1½ hours prior to a scheduled wedding. Water-tight containers are to be used for floral arrangements. Floral arrangements in the sanctuary are not to be considered decoration, but rather religious offerings and should remain in place after the wedding. All other decorations are to be removed immediately after the ceremony. (The bridal party and florist will be held responsible for any damage to the church’s furnishings or carpet.
  • Nothing may be placed on the Altar, or on the Tabernacle, or on the Communion Rail. Candelabra or candles may not be placed in the aisle or attached to the pews. Aisle runners are not permitted.
  • The Altar, podium, baptismal font, candlesticks, chairs, tables, plants, etc. are to remain in their present positions in the sanctuary.
  • If you choose to use any candles or candelabra (votive and hurricane style only), they are to be placed so that no one is hidden from view; use plastic or adequate size beneath them for protection of the floor. The florist is responsible for furnishing the candelabra and the candles and removing them and all other rented decorations immediately after the ceremony and removal of any wax on the carpet as a result of wax spillage from their candles/candelabra.
  • Pew decorations (bows) are to be hung on pew ends without tape, wires, or tacks. (Only ribbon loops are to be used). No clamps of any kind may be used.
  • Nothing such as rice, bird seed, flower, pedals, confetti, balloons, potpourri, butterflies, bubbles, etc. is to be used inside or outside the church building.
  • The Seasons of Advent (the four Saturdays/Sundays before Christmas) and Lent (from Ash Wednesday to Easter) are penitential seasons in the worship calendar of the Catholic Church. Bright and colorful flower arrangements are not appropriate during these seasons. We recommend that you choose greenery or live plants to give beauty to your wedding ceremony during those seasons. All parish decorations which are part of a season REMAIN in the church.
  • The Christmas season begins with Christmas Eve and continues through the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The Easter season begins with Easter vigil and continues through the Feast of Pentecost—[the octave of Easter ends the evening of the second Sunday of Easter] All parish decorations which are part of a season will REMAIN in the church.

We appreciate Your Cooperation. Thank you.

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