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The purpose of photography at a Catholic wedding is to record the event of two people coming together in Christ. The wedding is considered a religious ceremony and therefore, photography takes on the characteristics of a religious function.

Because the cathedral follows a time schedule in the use of its space, couples who schedule a wedding may arrive no sooner that 1 ½ hours before the wedding. This allows one hour of prenuptial photographs. The making of posed pictures should end thirty minutes before the ceremony is to begin in order to set a tone of reverence as the guest arrive.

Flash photographs may be made:

a. Before the ceremony

b. During the processional

c. During the recessional

d. After the ceremony

Only posed photographs before the ceremony and after the ceremony are permitted at the front of the church. Please consult the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal or before the ceremony to see where a photographer may be located during the ceremony itself. 

Photographs after the ceremony are strictly limited to 10 minutes.

A video camera (without lights) may be set up in the choir loft or other locations that the wedding coordinator will designate.

At no time are the chairs in the sanctuary to be used for posed pictures. These are reserved for use by the bishop, priest or deacon.

Finally, please remember that this is a sacred place where loud talking is inappropriate. Reverence for the space should be observed during posed pictures.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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