But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.

Mark 10:7-9

Getting Married

The Staff of St. Patrick Cathedral offer our congratulations on your engagement, and we pray that God will bless and guide you in your preparation for marriage! Your wedding day will be a very special one for you and we want to do all that we are able to insure that it will be filled with joy; that it will be a blessed, holy and prayerful celebration.

Couples desiring to be married at St. Patrick Cathedral should contact the marriage coordinator, Mary Lou Schulz

at the parish office at least twelve months in advance of the desired wedding date. 

email | 817.332.4915 ext. 23

Marriage Preparation Process

Below you will find the basics of expectations and guidelines for preparing for marriage at St. Patrick Cathedral.  

To get started, please contact Mary Lou Schulz at least 12 months in advance:  Envelope   | Alternate Phone

mschulz@stpatrickcathedral.org | 817.332.4915 ext.23

    • Preparation will take place at your home parish
    • Both the bride and the groom or at least one of the couple is Catholic
    • At least 18 years of age
    • Attend Mass weekly

    After you have met all the above requirements, please contact the Marriage Coordinator, Mary Lou Schulz, at 817.332.4915 ext. 23 to arrange an appointment. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday, between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.   Envelope  | Alternate Phone


    Please do not reserve a venue for your reception until after you have signed the church reservation agreement. We cannot guarantee the date will be available until the Church agreement is signed and received.


    Our weddings are Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. with the rehearsal the day before. 

    St. Patrick Cathedral does not have weddings during Advent or Lent.

    • Baptismal Certificate (issued within six months of your desired wedding date)
    • First Communion Certificate
    • Confirmation Certificate
    • Affidavit of Free status (the form will be provided to you when you meet with the wedding coordinator).

    All required documents need to be received three months prior to the wedding date.

  • Once you have met with the Marriage Coordinator at St. Patrick or your home parish and set a date for your wedding you should allow at least twelve months, to prepare for the sacrament of marriage. Engaged couples will need to plan and be able to have several meetings during the preparation time. Various diocesan programs are required aspects of marriage preparation. These include the following:

    • Pre-Cana
    • Fully-Engaged Sponsor Couple Sessions
    • Meetings with either the priest or deacon
    • Attendance at weekly Sunday Mass
    • Natural Family Planning Classes  -  Natural family planning is a method used by couples as a means of achieving or avoiding a pregnancy. It fosters respect and acceptance of the total person by teaching couples the nature of fertility. Marriages are enriched through a mutual understanding of the shared responsibility for family planning, creating a deeper appreciation for the value of life. Natural Family Planning is up to 99% effective in spacing births.
      For more information on Natural Family Planning, please visit www.fwdioc.org.
  • Ceremony Planning

    • An information booklet, Together for Life, will be provided to you when you have your first meeting with the marriage coordinator. After this is reviewed and you have made your selections, you will complete the Liturgy form by clicking on the Liturgy/Music links below. All preparation needs to be completed three months prior to the date of the wedding.
    • Musicians need to be contracted at least two months prior to the wedding date. This is arranged through the Music Director.
    • Contact the Marriage Coordinator, and Pixie Moseley three months prior to the wedding.  
    Liturgy Planning Documents:  

    Instructions: Start Here
    Liturgy Planning Sheets: 
    Select the Wedding Planner Worksheet appropriate for your wedding and complete as indicated.

    Wedding Planner Worksheet Option # 1:   Mass | Liturgy of the Word only
    *Options pre-selected

    Wedding Planner Worksheet Option # 2: Mass | Liturgy of the Word only
    * You make all the selections
  • You will pick up your marriage license at the County Clerk’s office. 

    The license must be in the hands of the marriage coordinator no later than two months prior to the wedding date. 

    Your marriage license can be obtained 89 days before your wedding.  

  • The Tribunal of the Diocese of Fort Worth is the office which adjudicates the marital status in the Catholic Church of any divorced person who has requested a declaration of nullity (an Annulment) of a previous marriage. The Tribunal exercises its ministry of truth and justice in a spirit of compassion and confidentiality according to the teaching and practice of the Catholic Church. All who share in this ministry commit themselves to mutual support and ongoing formation in the Church’s canon law and its practical application. 



Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

The following link will take you to formed.org, an online resource to access at your convenience .  Beloved is comprised of two parts: The Mystery and Meaning of Marriage has 6 sessions and Living Marriage has 6 sessions.


*Please note, online resources do not take the place of in person and/or other required preparations. 

If you need help signing up for formed access, please click here.